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Total Performance 2 - Ages 15-18


  • Linear speed focuses on acceleration and top speed to increase speed on the field and improved combine and/or showcase sprint times


  • Acceleration 

            Learn high-level acceleration technique and application drills

            Increase force production

            Improve first-step quickness

            Decrease acceleration sprint times

            Increase explosiveness on the field


  • Top speed

            Learn top speed mechanics to maintain maximal velocity over longer distances

             Improve top-speed stride length and frequency

            Decrease ground-contact time


  • Change of Direction

             Improve speed and efficiency when changing direction on the field

             Improved agility, balance, coordination, and foot speed

             Improve proper deceleration techniques to minimize risk of non-contact lower body injuries

             Increased vertical and horizontal power output for vertical and broad jumps


  • Full-body strength

           Speed-specific strength program designed to enhance athletic performance and minimize injuries

          Review and reinforce proper lifting techniques

          Increase strength and power for optimal performance on the field

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