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The JumpStart Program teaches the foundation skills which produce better athletes and help prevent injury.  We offer two levels of classes, Jump Start 1 for grades 2-4 and Jump Start 2 for grades 5,6. 

Each session is designed to teach and reinforce basic athletic skills through a series of instruction, exercises and games. 

Parisi Speed Schools have trained 800,000+ athletes for the last 25 years. Our Coaches are specially trained to work with young athletes to produce real results. 

BLACK FRIDAY SALE PRICES  (Sale ends December 2)

Save $50.00

12 Sessions - use when your schedule allows.

Save $198.00

24 Sessions - use when your schedule allows

Save $119.00

Unlimited Training - Buy 3 months at our standard price and get the 4th month for only $80.00.

Save $168.00

12 months of Unlimited Training with the option of a 3 month freeze! 

Jump Start 

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