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Team Training
Parisi Speed School at HQ

Team Training

Heading 3

Team Training at Parisi Speed School at HQraining 

For over 25 years Parisi has trained teams to win.  From our youth teams to the Pros our team training program is designed to improve team performance, increase confidence and reduce injuries. 

Pre-Season Prep- Team Mini Camps

Kickstart Your Season 

Ready to get an edge on the competition? Team Mini Camps offer an intense 2 hours x 3-day program to increase your athlete's speed, strength, focus, and confidence.  Each Mini Camp is customized for your team after a team evaluation. 


We run Mini Camps at your field or our facility.  (10% discount if the camp is at our facility.) 

Dominate the field this season with Parisi Speed School Team Pre-Season Mini Camps

We'd love to talk to you about how a Mini Camp can help you reach  your team goals. 

Thanks for the information. We'll give you a call shortly! 

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