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As a parent, it can be hard to find a facility that you feel fits the needs and demands for your child’s speed and agility development.  Parisi’s successfully met our expectations for my daughter’s development to become stronger physically as well as mentally.  Either through taking a group class or the private sessions, the training/trainers were excellent.   They worked on her personal development, knowing what she needed to excel in her competition.  They were even able to create specialized training programs based on the specific sport.  They stressed proper techniques in running, agility and lifting which she has applied to her overall career’s performance.   We have been fortunate to have the access to utilize Parisi Speed School at HealthQuest, NJ in preparation of high-level competitive events.  I highly recommend Parisi’s for any child that is looking to develop themselves regardless of the level sport they play.  They will see an amazing powerful difference.  
Jeannette Mason

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On the field, Parisi has notability made me an overall better athlete, enhancing my speed, agility, strength, this includes the mental aspect of sports. Parisi has helped me to stay motivated, and has made it easy to stay on track to achieve my goals.
IOther athletes should know  how uplifting and non-judgmental the Parisi atmosphere is. There are many athletes at many different levels and each of them get exactly what they need out of training here. I would definitely encourage them to come try it out!


 Craig and all the coaches at Parisi Speed School allows for all athletes to grow athletically and as people. In addition to the training and instruction provided Craig and all the coaches build our confidence and frequently attend and support us at games.
The Parisi Program was a life-changing program.  Through the program, I found confidence that I thought I never had. Although a speed school, it’s focus is on everything from flexibility to different lifts.  I learned proper form and I worked hard to be thorough and complete. However, with time and effort , the program pushed me but also made me more comfortable in being pushed as hard as I was.  I owe it all to Parisi for making me prepared for college athletics and being ready to move to the next step in my athletic career. Thank you Parisi! 
Sadie A.
Parisi has helped me immensely. As a track runner, it’s important for me to keep up my endurance in the off season and Parisi has created an environment that makes off season training fun. Parisi has also helped me realize the importance of hard work. I truly owe my athletic accomplishments to the improvement I’ve made through Parisi. 


My favorite aspect of Parisi is the community. I always feel welcome and comfortable there, and improvement wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of the coaches there as well. I feel truly cared about not only as an athlete, but as a person too when I’m at Parisi. 


I would absolutely recommend Parisi to someone. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, Parisi will do nothing but improve your athletic performance and help kickstart your athletic career, no matter what sport you play


I have been training with Parisi for more than five years. I have tried other programs, but none compare. The Parisi program focuses on the health of the athlete both physically and mentally, which reduces injury, builds my confidence, and improves my game at every level. I really like that the workouts build on functional strength and agility, not just bulking up. I have to say the main reason I keep coming back week after week is the supportive, professional trainers at Parisi. As a high school athlete, it is not enough to know your game. You have to be fit and always ready to compete at the next level. The Parisi program and the professional trainers help me to do just that.


I’ve been going to Parisi for three years and it has transformed me as an athlete. I started coming to Parisi after I broke my collarbone and it brought me back to where I was and took me further than I thought I could go. My favorite thing about Parisi is the specialization that occurs there. There’s no cookie cutter way to train. Something that works for some might not work for others and they understand that and cater to your needs. If someone was considering going to Parisi I would tell them that should continue with that plan. The edge over your competition when you started working to your full potential is incredible. Parisi is an incredible program.
What I like most about Parisi is the personal relationships that you build with the coaches and athletes. I also like how the coaches really try and help you personally and gear workouts toward your sport or what you are training for.
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..3 out of my 4 children will receive athletic scholarships to play college baseball and soccer respectively.  Parisi is responsible for so much of this! These people produce results if you work the program! That fourth child I have is only 10 years old and she has been going 2 days a week since she was 7. Don’t count her out for making it 4 out of 4!

Thank you so so much guys!  We believe! 

James P

My boys have been clients at Parisi for more than seven years. I love to see how the program has helped them develop fitness habits, self discipline, confidence, and has reduced injuries -- al of which are hard to put a price tag on. I find the trainers to be professional, approachable, motivating, and uniquely capable of working with kids of all ages. No matter the sport or the season, my boys have been ready to compete thanks to Parisi.
Sally R 

I have two kids, my daughter 7 and my son 9, enrolled in the program. They absolutely love it!! My daughter last week asked what we were going to do after her one hour workout. I told her we could go home and play some games and she said, “No, I want to do a two hour workout instead.” The program has made them stronger and more confident.  Michelle T
I would like to say THANK YOU. My son Jonathan is involved in the program. He really loves to come to classes and improve on his skills. As a mother, it is a great feeling to watch your child not only build up physically, but most importantly mentally and emotionally. 
So, thank you to all of you whom have created this program as well as those who are working hard in each area to help Parisi be a success and a positive influence for all athletes. 
Lori B
The trainer are awesome with the youth and they care and because if it the athletes strive and benefit from what is taught on and off the field. My son was always a great athlete but Parisi brought more to the table enabling him to shine brighter, jump higher, run faster while understanding the mechanics behind the drills and exercises. 
Joe and his staff are amazing!! We couldn't be happier.
Since the day I met Craig at Parisi he has shown nothing but support and encouragement in anything I do. Through all the tough lifts and the treadmill sprints he really made me into the person and the athlete I am today. From being an All American athlete at a collegiate level to now a law enforcement officer. He helped me prepare to be the best athlete on the lacrosse field but he also helped me physically get through one of  the hardest police academies in the state. Without him and all his dedication to helping me be the best athlete and cop, my accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without him.
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