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Total Performance 1 - Ages 11-14


  • Linear speed focused on either acceleration or top speed.

  •  Acceleration technique to improve efficiency and explosiveness for first-step  quickness.

  •  Top speed mechanics to help an athlete maintain their top speed as long as  possible.


  • Change of direction is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and reaccelerate in another direction as quickly and safely as possible.   Our Change of Direction training focuses on:

  • Center of Gravity Management and proper weight shift

  • Deceleration techniques

  • Jumping and landing techniques

  • Full-body strength teaches fundamentals of strength training

  • This is athlete / performance-based strength,training; not a body-building  program.

  •  Increases stability and balance required for proper deceleration.


  • Injury prevention

  • Endurance

tp1  pssflem.jpg
The Parisi Total Performance program is split into 2 Levels with 3 focus classes at each level to ensure attention to detail in each skill area.  This also allows us to tailor the program to an athlete's specific needs based on their sport.
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