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I have two kids, my daughter 7 and my son 9, enrolled in the program. They absolutely love it!! My daughter last week asked what we were going to do after her one hour workout. I told her we could go home and play some games and she said, “No, I want to do a two hour workout instead.” The program has made them stronger and more confident.  Michelle Thompson

The Parisi Program was a life-changing program.  Through the program, I found confidence that I thought I never had. Although a speed school, it’s focus is on everything from flexibility to different lifts.  I learned proper form and I worked hard to be thorough and complete. However, with time and effort , the program pushed me but also made me more comfortable in being pushed as hard as I was.  I owe it all to Parisi for making me prepared for college athletics and being ready to move to the next step in my athletic career. Thank you Parisi!  Sadie Apfel, Brandesi University Softball, Class of 2020

Parisi Speed School, Thank you for making our athletes bigger, stonger, faster. GC Lady Eagles

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...3 out of my 4 children will receive athletic scholarships to play college baseball and soccer respectively.  Parisi is responsible for so much of this! These people produce results if you work the program! That fourth child I have is only 10 years old and she has been going 2 days a week since she was 7. Don’t count her out for making it 4 out of 4!

Thank you so so much guys!  We believe! 

James Padgett  

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My boys have been clients at Parisi for more than seven years. I love to see how the program has helped them develop fitness habits, self discipline, confidence, and has reduced injuries -- al of which are hard to put a price tag on. I find the trainers to be professional, approachable, motivating, and uniquely capable of working with kids of all ages. No matter the sport or the season, my boys have been ready to compete thanks to Parisi.


Sally Robinson

I have been training with Parisi for more than five years. I have tried other programs, but none compare. The Parisi program focuses on the health of the athlete both physically and mentally, which reduces injury, builds my confidence, and improves my game at every level. I really like that the workouts build on functional strength and agility, not just bulking up. I have to say the main reason I keep coming back week after week is the supportive, professional trainers at Parisi. As a high school athlete, it is not enough to know your game. You have to be fit and always ready to compete at the next level. The Parisi program and the professional trainers help me to do just that.


Daniel Robinson

I would like to say THANK YOU. My son Jonathan is involved in the program. He attends the Cherry Hill and Flemington Locations. Jonathan is 14 years old and a club swimmer. He really loves to come to classes and improve on his skills. As a mother, it is a great feeling to watch your child not only build up physically, but most importantly mentally and emotionally. 
So, thank you to all of you whom have created this program as well as those who are working hard in each area to help Parisi be a success and a positive influence for all athletes. 
Have a great day,
Lori Brown

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