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Parisi Adult Sports Performance Programming encompasses:


Speed training

Strength training

Endurance training

Agility and Flexibility work

Boost your competitive edge with Parisi’ adult sports performance programs that build speed, strength, stamina and help prevent injuries.


Focused training:  get maximum performance results in minimum time.

Performance Enhancement: Improve your athletic activities and play with more stamina.

Functionality: Training that translates directly into your sports, improving real-life strength and agility.

Injury Prevention: Adult athletes by necessity have more sedentary days: that makes you prone to muscle strains, overuse injuries, and joint pain. Our Adult Sports Training is designed to help prevent injuries.

Recovery: Recover faster

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Adult Sports Team Training:

Working towards a shared goal

Healthy competition within a team pushes you to work harder and improve faster. You'll naturally work to match or exceed the intensity of others around you.


  • Continue honing the fundamental skills required for your sport.

  • Focus on developing power for bursts of speed, jumping, and forceful plays.

  • Build stamina that will last throughout the duration of a game and prevent late-game fatigue.

  • Focus on flexibility, core stability, and proper athletic movement patterns which help minimize the risk of common sports injuries.

Have a group of 8 or more? We can develop a program around your schedule
Adult Sports Performance Training 
Because your passion for the game doesn’t have an age limit.
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