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Total Performance 2 

Grades 10+

SAVE up to $240.00 !

TP2 hones technique and skill and increases the strength required for the athlete to become the best they can be. Our research-based training gives athletes the competitive advantage they need to stand out in their sport. 

The Parisi program has been helping elite athletes maximize their potential for 25+ years and been part of the journey for Olympians and Pros from every sport.  

Black Friday Sale!

Save $50.00

12 Sessions - use when your schedule allows

Save $173.00

24 Sessions - use when it fits your schedule

Save $149.00

Buy a 3 month unlimited training package and get the 4th month for only $80.00.

Save $240.00

12 months of Unlimited Training (You can freeze your membership for three months during your busy season!)


TP2 athletes Zach and Pat doing resisted sprints to improve their acceleration and running mechanics​.

Soccer and Track athlete Harrinee working on her running mechanics.

TP2 athlete Jason - doing a depth jump to a 48 inch box.​

TP2 hockey player Connor working on pushing off the outside leg by doing a double switch lateral speed skater.
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