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Summer Training Special

10 weeks $499.00

Want to outpace the competition next season?

Dedicate your summer to building speed, strength, and endurance."


We’re offering our best prices EVER on 10 weeks of unlimited training.  Train from June 24 – August 30 for $499.00!


If you want to increase your speed, strength, and endurance for next season this is an opportunity to use the summer to strengthen your skills. 


  • Get noticeably faster and more agile

  • Build the strength to dominate your sport

  • Develop the endurance to outlast the competition

  • Gain the mental toughness to succeed.

Summer Training:

  •   Unlimited access to speed and strength classes

  • ·      Summer hours with additional early classes

  • ·      Parisi certified coaches with degrees in Exercise Science.

  • ·      Our curriculum is based on the latest science and sports psychology.


Join us and see what summer work can do for your sports season.



Only good for classes between June 24 and August 30.


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