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Don't Lose Your Gains: In Season Special

In Season Training maintains an athletes' strength and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury.

Keeping muscles strong and flexible lets you meet the demands of your sport and that sports' schedule.

In Season Training provides continual neuromuscular development to maintain off season gains and continues the process of becoming a better athlete.

Correctly conducted in-season training actually increases your energy level.

In Season Training 20 Sessions $399.00

Flexible Scheduling

Offer Expires 04/30/2016

Why you train in-season

The most important developmental years for size, strength and speed is when biological development hits - the high school years. Since training to be an athlete, developing core strength and skills used to be done in the off-season, and we don’t have a significant off-season anymore we aren’t seeing that development. If an athlete plays three seasons of sports and only actually “ trains” for a month in the summer before returning to practice for the fall sport, he or she has spent a total of 4 months training during their entire high school career. And we expect them to be able to play as mature high school athletes when they’re seniors?

Let’s take that example, they work on core strength, stamina and skills during a month or two before their sport starts. When do they peak as an athlete? - the first competition. Studies have shown that if they don’t continue training they are not even going to maintain that 2 months of work, they are going to get weaker and weaker. By mid-season the strength and speed that was built and worked so hard for during the abbreviated off-season is usually long gone. So, if that training doesn’t continue during the season, where are they as an athlete by the championship game or meet? - at their low point. Doesn’t make sense, does it? In Season training, as little as once a week retains the gains.

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