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Parisi @HealthQuest featured December Parisi Facility

December 2015 Newsletter | Parisi Speed School

StartFragmentThe Parisi Speed School at HealthQuest is located in Flemington, NJ, and opened in March of 2015. Located in HealthQuest Fitness, which is a Top-100 club in the fitness industry for 8 years running, Parisi at HealthQuest has quickly become a part of the community.EndFragment

StartFragmentCo-owners Joe Georgewitz and Terrence Fabor bring over 20 years of combined experience in the Parisi Speed School network, and act as the location’s Program Director and Director of Training. Performance Coaches Anthony Davino, Kenny West, and Lisa Sullivan bring a fun, enthusiastic approach to training while also producing great results.

Their athletes are constantly achieving personal goals,

including one of their soccer athletes breaking her

high school’s single season scoring record.

While they have only been open a few months, Parisi at HealthQuest has quickly become one of the top training programs in Hunterdon County. They have trained over 500 athletes since their Grand Opening, and will have over 20 new teams beginning their training this winter. Parisi at HealthQuest also won the “Rookie of the Year” award as the top new franchise at the 2015 Parisi Franchise Summit. They are truly grateful for the opportunity to help young athletes achieve their goals every day, and the best is yet to come!EndFragment

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