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Unlimimted Training Sale 

Ages 7-11 JumpStart 

In JumpStart we teach the fundamental athletic skills required for all sports


Our Jump Start program:

  • Teaches fundamental movement patterns

  • Builds confidence

  • Improves balance, coordination, and center of gravity management

  • Introduces and practices sprint mechanics

  • Increases relative body strength thru age-appropriate strength training

  • Helps prevent injuries

Total Performance 2 - Ages 15+


Linear speed focuses on acceleration and top speed to increase speed on the field and improve combine and/or showcase sprint times



- Learn high-level acceleration technique and application drills

- Increase force production

- Improve first-step quickness

- Decrease acceleration sprint times and increase explosiveness on the field


Top speed

- Learn top speed mechanics to maintain maximal velocity over longer distances

- Improve top-speed stride length and frequency

- Decrease ground-contact time


Change of Direction

- Learn proper deceleration techniques to minimize risk of non-contact lower body injuries

- Improve speed and efficiency when changing direction on the field

- Improved agility, balance, coordination, and foot speed

- Increased vertical and horizontal power output for vertical and broad jumps


Full-body strength

- Speed-specific strength program designed to enhance athletic performance and minimize injuries in high school athletes

- Teach and reinforce proper lifting techniques

- Increase strength and power for optimal performance on the field

Save up to $240.00

Ages 12-14 Total Performance 1 

Linear speed focused on either acceleration or top speed.

Acceleration technique to improve efficiency and explosiveness for first-step quickness.

Top speed mechanics help an athlete maintain their top speed as long as possible.


Change of direction is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and reaccelerate in another direction as quickly and safely as possible. 


Our Change of Direction training focuses on center of gravity management, proper weight shift, deceleration technique, jumping and landing technique.


Full-body strength teaches fundamentals of strength training

This is athlete / performance-based strength,training; not a body-building program.

Increases stability and balance required for proper deceleration.


Injury prevention



"The trainer are awesome with the youth and they care and because if it the athletes strive and benefit from what is taught on and off the field. My son was always a great athlete but Parisi brought more to the table enabling him to shine brighter, jump higher, run faster while understanding the mechanics behind the drills and exercises." T.O.

"Made a major difference in my sons college sport performance." C.B.

Staff is great with the kids, they have fun while getting a great workout! C.H.

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